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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Online Marketing: Pixel Advertising

Pixel Ad sites are marketing tools that's poping up everywhere. Pixel ad sites are like online billboards, where advertisers can post a small pixel size logo of there business to other online viewers and get a link back to their sites. Do this form of advertising work? Well advertising is all about Grabbing the viewers attention, building Curiosity, and asking for them to take action. I do think if you add a pixel size ad, that really stands out from all the rest, it would grab the viewers attention. Next we have to build Curiosity and ask for action with our alt text, let it be short and to the point, similar to text link advertising (Just an example: If I was going to promote a program using a pixel ad, where you get free traffic, I might would try this: Free WebSite Traffic Click Now). By adding click now in your alt text, you are asking for the viewer to take action and click thru to your site.

How will you know if your pixel ad is getting clicked thru to your site? By tracking your link, you'll know how many people actually visted your site each day from your pixel ad. You can get a free link tracker and other free online marketing tools here:
. If you have more than 1 pixel ad, track each link, and see which are getting the best results.

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