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Monday, January 16, 2006

Online Marketing Tools: Link Brander

Link Brander is a new tool put out by Russell Brunson. If you're involved in online marketing and ever fear, that people is stealing your affiliate commissions, then you need Link Brander. The Link Brander takes your long links, and makes them small and attractive. That's not the only thing Link Brander does for you, it also power cloaks your URL's so would be thieves are stopped in their tracks.

When I say Power Cloaking, it isn't the same old cloaking methods that can drop your affiliate URL and kill your commissions. Their new technology is so powerful that it will make sure your cookies stick... and it even works with ClickBank Links!

Would you like to advertise your website in a way that people can't ignore and would you like this advertising to grow virally with little or no effort from you? If so, then you can get started in less then 30 seconds... completely free. Stop Commission thieves Now!

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