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Friday, February 17, 2006

Online Marketing: It Takes Work

I was thinking, about all the newbies that come online with the hopes of finding their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in a matter of weeks, or months online. How many of you will stick around if you fail your first time? I know this type of thinking goes on, because 7 years ago I thought the same way.

It's hard not to think like that, when you hear it everyday about how easy it is to make a fortune online, everytime you turn the TV on late at night, you see the next big thing that's going to make you a millionaire overnight. Then all over the Internet you have all these hype and ponzi scemes that says all the things newbies wants to hear, like make $1,000,000 in 60 days doing nothing, and the green light goes off in the newbies head, and 60 days later, they're wondering what happen, they did everything they were suppose to, they did nothing like the program told them too. So they wondering where their million dollars is at!

This type of an example happens everyday online, and it's not the newbies fault for believing this type of stuff, we hear it so much in our daily lives, til we began to believe it. The first thing I would recommend to any and all newbies, is to stop believing everything you hear. It takes alot of hard work, dedication, and being consistent everyday to be successful online. If a program sounds to good to be then it probably is. If you're not sure if a program is a scheme or not, ask somebody.

The Internet can be a great place, but when you are getting suckered out of your hard earned money and your time by schemes, it can be a dreadful place. Start investigating any program you are thinking about joining, and always ask somebody if it is a hype or ponzi scheme, and make the Internet a great place for yourself.

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Blogger Rich Jerk said ... (6:09 PM) : 

I agree with you Ed. Just about every work at home system out there wants $200-$1000 just to be a "associate" then they want you to buy their main package which is even more. While this might work for the people at the top, it is very difficult for someone at the bottom. Here are some reviews of work at home programs that have worked for me Internet Home Business


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