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Monday, February 27, 2006

Getting The Most Out of Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are great tools to get your site seen, but for them to be effective you must learn how they work. If you promote or own an affiliate type program, Traffic Exchanges can be a great source of traffic for you, since the majority of sites being advertised in traffic exchanges are affiliate based programs.

I surf traffic exchanges regulary and everytime I surf, I see so many advertisers making the same mistakes over and over again. They continue to advertise their affiliate links, which leads to poor results. What's bad about this, is there could be thousands advertising that same site, which has been seen hundreds of times. After I see an affiliate site once I know if I want to join or not.

A better alternative is to advertise a splash page. A splash page is a mini website, with little text, and an eye catching graphic. The text is short, but to the point, and always ask for some kind of action. When someone clicks the link in the splash page, it goes to your affiliate program, or you can use splash pages to build a list, by offering something of value for free.

Why is these methods better?, Because you stand apart from the other advertisers advertising the same program. Which ever method you decide to use, (a splash page to promote your great affiliate program), or (a splash page to build a list), always track your links to find out where you are getting the best results.

I use a free tracker offered at JoeShmo200 to keep track of my results. I do this by adding the URL of my splash page into the tracker, which gives me a tracking URL. I then place that tracking URL in each traffic exchange, and I can tell which traffic exchanges are sending the most visits to my splash page.

I also track the link in my splash page to see how many click thrus I get to my affiliate site. I do this by adding my affiliate URL in the tracker, which gives out another tracking url, and I place that URL into my splash page. As you can see, it's not hard to know what traffic exchanges are providing you with the most hits, so start advertising a splash page and always track your results!

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